Touch Screen Information Displays

Digital media is quickly becoming the preferred method for people to obtain information. This generation is more intrigued with media than ever before, and the most effective way to present information is to connect with people in ways that catch their interest and engage them. Digital media does just that, and it is a tool that many businesses are now using to meet the needs of the visitors to their location. infoBoard® offers fully-customizable touch screen programs for your hotel, visitor center, shopping mall, airport or retail establishment. We customize our software so the design will match your décor and branding. We also customize the software so you can present only the information you want to showcase. Click below to see samples of some of our implementations:

The benefits of digital media:

Information on our touch screens can easily be changed within minutes. We make it easy for you to update, remove, or change your information. Your guests can take the information they see on the touch screen with them on their smart phone.
Interesting and Interactive
Touch screens are fun! People like them and want to “touch” them. They also provide an excellent service to your guests/visitors.
Touch screens leave behind no paper mess like you have with brochures. They are very easy to maintain and they take up very little space.
Our prices are lower than any competitor. Please email us for a quote.
The information displayed on a touch screen is more all-inclusive than the information you will find on a brochure. We can link to any website, play videos and music, offer photo galleries, editorials, advertisements, calendar of events, ticket purchasing, boarding pass printing, local and national news and weather, and just about anything you can imagine- we can put it on a touch screen.
For visitor centers and chambers of commerce our interactive displays offer information to visitors that inform them of what there is to see and do in your destination; in an effort to encourage repeat visitation and longer length of stay.

What kind of information can you put on my touchscreen?

We can put just about any information you want to include on a touch screen program. Here are some examples of the most common information we put on our touch screen programs:

  • Your business website, logo and company slogan
  • Information about your business with links to your website
  • Weather
  • News
  • Calendar of Events
  • Maps
  • Directions
  • Boarding Pass information
  • Purchasing Tickets
  • Videos
  • Photo Gallery
  • Lodging information
  • Dining information
  • Things to Do information
  • Tours and Attractions
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Newsletter sign-ups

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