Lightbox Displays

Travel and Tourism

Have you ever been on vacation, to a city you’ve never been to before, without the information you needed? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the relevant information you needed, right at your fingertips, without all the search-engine hassles? An infoBoard® does just this.

infoBoard®s are backlit information displays that provide useful information in places such as visitor centers, chambers of commerce, and airports. Brilliantly backlit full-color advertising captures the attention of people who are seeking information such as lodging, dining, tours, attractions, and services. Many of our displays also include an interactive touchscreen and a courtesy phone for guests to use to make reservations or ask questions. Our displays are usually mounted outdoors, making information available to your guests 24-hours a day.

What are the advantages of an infoBoard®?

In busy locations an infoBoard® can answer your most frequently asked questions. It provides valuable information that your guests need on their “in-market” travel.
An infoBoard® saves time, money and employee costs. 90% of the time employees at visitor centers spend is answering questions such as: Where is a good place to stay? Where is a good place to eat? What is there to do? The infoBoard® and touchscreens answer all of these questions and also provide calendar of events, maps, directions and more.
Our infoBoard®s are available 24-hours and helps to meet the needs of your guests even after you’re closed.

Retail and Local Services

There are many other uses of the interactive displays we provide. They can also be used to highlight help

Fitness establishments
Using our lightboards in conjunction with our touchscreen displays, to provide helpful information to your members about the fitness classes you offer, fitness and health tips, supplemental products for sale, injury prevention, etc.
Event center
Inform guest of upcoming events and activities, provide a layout and a map of the facilities, display seating information, slideshow of various uses of your venue and videos of future performances or events.
Home-improvement store
Offer your customers a unique contractor service center by displaying the information of needed home-improvement service providers. You can include do-it-yourself tips, video seminars, and schedules for events and seminars at your location. Local area contractors can participate in placing their ad at your location to provide your shoppers with a convenient place to find help with their home-improvement needs.
Real Estate
Advertise your homes for sale through slideshow and video tours available 24-hours a day.

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