Consulting Services

Visitor Center Consulting

Being a leader in visitor center services, infoBoard® specializes in helping visitor centers, convention and visitor bureaus, destination marketing organizations, and business improvement districts improve the visitor’s experience to their location and boost visitor numbers. We offer consulting; expert advice and an action plan that will help you succeed and excel in the many areas of visitor services.

We provide Consulting Services in the following areas:

  • Modernizing your visitor center
  • Improving the flow of traffic
  • Providing needed information in an interesting and interactive way
  • Anticipating visitor needs
  • Providing 24-hour information
  • Assisting visitors in finding your location

Modernizing your visitor center

Information Center Needing Help

Could your visitor center use a little improvement?

Let our visitor center expertise help you to modernize your visitor center. We will meet with you to take an assessment of your destination as well as tour your visitor center and offer expert advice on ways to improve the look, design, layout, use of technology, traffic flow, and modernize your equipment-all while keeping in mind your budget concerns and your need to improve and/or increase revenue. We will conduct visitor surveys and interviews to analyze visitor travel behaviors, trends, and destination perceptions as well as to obtain a demographic of the visitors to your destination; in an effort to develop and implement strategies to a more successful visitor center and visitor experience at your destination so they will increase the number of room nights at your destination.

Improving your visitor center services

When guests visit your visitor center, are they receiving all the information they need, when they need it? As we know, people are more engaged than ever with media and many people prefer an interactive approach to obtaining information. We will evaluate your visitor center and suggest ways to make the information you have available to visitors more interesting and assessable. Also, we will consider the option of an after-hours kiosk and the benefits that could provide to your visitors.

Provide after-hours information

Many travelers to your visitor center don’t always arrive between 9-5. Many visitors are still looking for information after hours and would greatly appreciate the service a 24-hour kiosk could provide. We will explore this option with you to see if this would be a benefit to your visitors.

Helping Visitors Find you

Visitor Information Sign

Signage and Way-Finding Services

Improving the number of visitors to your location can be as simple as adding street and freeway signs. We offer way-finding services to help you in the process of obtaining the necessary permits to get more signage for your location. We offer advice in the permit and creation process of signs, or we will handle the entire process for you.

To schedule a phone meeting regarding your visitor center please contact us.