About infoBoard®

infoBoard® has been in business since 1987 providing services in the travel and tourist market. Specializing in in-market travel, we are a leader at improving the visitor travel experience while partnering with the businesses that work in the travel industry.

We offer state-of-the-art, fully-customizable information displays to serve visitors that are needing information. Our stationary and touch screen displays serve the purpose of providing information in the most helpful, modern and interesting way possible. Not only do our displays serve the visitors, they help to promote the local businesses.

We work with visitor centers, convention and visitor bureaus, destination marketing organizations, and chambers of commerce. Our displays offer the following benefits to these organizations:

  • They enhance the visitor experience to their destination, by providing an excellent service to the visitors to their destination
  • They offer information 24-hours, after most visitor centers have closed
  • They highlight local calendar of events and attractions which help encourage repeat visitation and longer stays
  • We provide marketing for their destination through our California state website and visitor guide

infoBoard® offers useful and relevant travel information to people as they:

  • Prepare for their vacation
  • While they are on vacation
  • When they have arrived at their destination

Through our experience in many facets of the travel industry we offer consulting services for visitor centers and visitor bureaus seeking to find modern, creative ways to improve their destination and the visitor experience at their destination.